Caregiver using Linq mobile on her smartphone

Introducing the technology that brings people together: The LINQ™ mobile Application.

Empowering caregivers to deliver better care and help impact patient outcomes

Today, communication in acute care facilities is fragmented. Hospitals piece together multiple, disparate systems in order to support the varied communication needs of their staff.

LINQ™ mobile – a new smartphone application for clinical care team communication and coordination – addresses this challenge by securely connecting members of the care team to each other, and to their patients.

Secure Care Team & Patient Interactions

Interacting with care team members and understanding patient needs are essential to delivering patient care. Learn how the LINQ™ mobile app supports clinical communications so that you can care for your patients.

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Real-Time Patient Needs & Information

Staff productivity is crucial for optimized patient management and improved patient outcomes. Learn how the LINQ™ mobile app can help you improve staff efficiency to enhance patient safety and satisfaction.

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Adaptable & Protected Network Design

Logical, organized and simplified network design creates a reliable foundation for clinical operations. Learn how the LINQ™ mobile app facilitates optimal IT infrastructure to ease system and solution management.

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